Do Not Compare Your Blog With a Successful One

Do Not Compare Your Blog With a Successful One

Social media is part of our lives today.

The more you scroll, the more your get depressed.

Most of this happens due to comparison. And it happens with and sometimes without our knowledge. That leads to demotivation and quitting on tasks that we are doing.

In this blog, I will talk about why you should stop comparing yourself to other successful bloggers.

Stop Comparing

Do you know that 95% of the newbie bloggers quit blogging very soon?

One of the reasons for that is comparission.

There is a quote,

The only person you should try to be better than is who you were yesterday.

Probably you would have read this quote in a book or seen it in a motivational video.

But how many of us actually do that?

We always compare our work with someone successful and feel inferior all that time. We might have no idea what they have been through to become the person they are today.

This comparison does more damage to you than you think.

When you compare yourself with a person who is doing well in blogging or creating youtube videos, you might think you are not good enough to become like him.

First of all, we should stop trying to become someone else. We should create our own style of doing things.

The moment you start focussing on yourself and try to be better than who you were yesterday, you will start seeing the real progress.

Don’t Look For Overnight Success In Blogging

We, humans, are hardwired with the thinking of overnight success and not think about what it takes to be successful.

To create a successful blog or a vlog, first, you need to be consistent. You can improve your writing only if you continuously do it for a long time.

For example, just take a popular blog your know. Just see how many blogs they have published till now. You should see a lot of blog posts.

Same with youtube videos. One of the youtube I follow, created 150 videos to get his first 1000 subscribers. Today he has more than a million subscribers.

But we quit creating videos after publishing 5 or 10 videos because most of us have the wrong expectations and comparisons.

Another example is one of the famous standup comedians today. I watched his interview, and he said he bombed his first show and cried all the way to his home. If he had quit doing standup comedy that day, he wouldn’t have become one of the famous standup comedians today!

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