How to Declutter Yourself From the Social Media Mess

Declutter Yourself From the Social Media

If you don’t use Social media in the right way, it could do more damage than you realize.

But as a blogger, it’s not possible to hold yourself to social media apps because it is where we have to share the articles.

When you use any social media app, there is this endless scrolling of updates, celebrity news, clickbait videos, etc. These are time killers and could make you depressed at some point without realization.

I suggest you watch the Netflix documentary named the social dilemma. The content is really good and it talks about the real impact of social media on people.

In this blog, I have listed down few ways to declutter yourself from the virtual social media world and be in a real-world enjoying real things.

Cleanup Your Follow List

The moment you open any social media app, you get updates from people you follow.

Your follower list decides what information you are going to consume from the app. If you follow random people or celebrities, you will end up getting that news in the feed.

Just think about what value that adds to your life? Nothing!

Also, there are these suggestions/recommendations shown by the apps, which will take you to the endless scrolling world of random videos and images. These companies want you to spend most of your time on the app scrolling your life away.

So, first unfollow, unfriend accounts that you think are not worth following. The moment you open your social media feed, you should see positive news and content that inspires and motivates you.

Here is my Instagram account where I follow only 13 people who post really good content that adds value to my work and life.

Go on a Digital Fast

One of my connections in Linkedin posted an update on this interesting Digital fast. You can subscribe to his newsletter on substack. He publishes some amazing content on his blog as well.

So the digital fast is about not using any social media apps for 30 days. He sets 1 hour of discretionary usage per day. This would be really different experience and you will start enjoying the real things in life.

If you are into social media marketing, you can use tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, or Publer to schedule and post your content to different social media channels and you can use the 1 hour of discretionary usage time to check the updates.

With social media, we are tied to this virtual world of notifications, likes, comments, etc. If you sit back and think, unless you are doing it for promotional or business purposes (Where you have monetary benefits), these likes have zero value in your life.

With 100 likes in your image, you cannot even buy a tea.

Do Real Things

  1. Talk to people who care about you instead of scrolling and liking people’s images who had never spoken to you properly.
  2. Read a book
  3. Learn something new.
  4. Document your learning in a blog.

Let’s not become social media zombies.

❝ A picture is worth a thousand words

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