How To Create a Youtube Tech Tutorial

Create a Youtube Tech Tutorial

In this blog, I will talk about my learnings, tips, and tools for creating a youtube tech tutorial.

When it comes to creating youtube tech tutorial videos, there are six main things.

  1. Video Outline
  2. Presentation
  3. Script
  4. Screen recording
  5. Audio recording
  6. Video Editing
  7. Publishing.

Let’s look at each of those in detail.

Video Outline

First thing is to create a Video Outline.

You need to be sure of what you are going to record and what value the end-user gets from your video.

You can list the outline in a Google doc or any documenting tool that you use.


The first part is to have presentation based on the outline you have created.

The presentation should contain minimum wording and more visual elements. Also you can add animations to the elements you have in the presention.

This will keep the user’s attention in your video.


Freestyle recording is very tough unless you are are really good at it.

The best way to start the recording process is by having a good script.

You can write down the concepts that you are going to talk about in the format of the list.

You can use this script when you are recording. This will make the process very easy.

Screen Recording

Once you have the above-mentioned items ready, you can start with the screen recording.

There are many free and paid tools for screen recording.

I personally use a paid software named Camtasia. There are other good tools like ScreenFlow.

When you do the screen recording of your presentation, make sure you record the screen in a high-definition aspect ratio.

Audio recording

Also, will screen recording, you should record your audio-based of the script you have.

If you are getting started, you could start with your laptop mic or a basic microphone.

I use the Shure MV7 microphone for my recording. It’s a great microphone.

Do not stop the recording if you make a mistake. Just keep recording it, and you can edit the mistakes during the video editing process.

Video Editing

Once you finish recording, you can get started with the editing process.

I use Camtasia for editing.

You can remove all the mistakes you made while recording with the tool.

Also, you can add annotations, focus on screen areas if required.

Tools like Camtasia and Screenflow support background noise removal

My Tips For Publishing on Youtube

  1. Do not overthink and look for perfectionism in your initial videos. You should just get started and make it your habit to publish videos.
  2. When you listen to yourself, you are not gonna like it. But it’s ok. It may sound demotivating, but in reality, it isn’t. So go ahead and publish it.
  3. Do not care much about views and subscribers just by posting a couple of videos. It would be best if you put in enough work before you start looking at those stats. Over time with quality content, you will gain views and followers.
  4. One of the popular youtube created 150 videos to get his first 1000 subscribers. However, with 200 videos, he reached 10000 subscribers. The growth is slow at first, and you will eventually reach too many subscribers if you have consistency in posting quality content.

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