Which is The Best WordPress Theme for a Tech Blog

best wordpress tech blog theme

When it comes to tech blog layout, it is always better to have a clean and minimal theme.

When you start your first blog, you will be spending more time researching and choosing a colorful theme with a lot of options.

I did that too. But after so many years of changing and trying out different WordPress themes, I learned that keeping a minimal clean them is very much important than having a colorful theme.

For tech blogs, it is very important to have the content layout stand out.

If you notice, nowadays most of the blogs have just the content box. No one likes to keep the sidebars anymore. But again it’s a personal preference.

Key WordPress Theme Considerations

If you a looking for a WordPress theme for your blog, keep the following in mind.

  1. Page Speed: The page should load really fast. Now page load times are also a ranking factor for Google. You can check the page load insights using the google page speed insights tool.
  2. Theme Updates: Your theme provider should provide continuous updates.
  3. Customizable: Your theme should be easily customizable. Preferably good support for Gutenberg blocks.

My Theme Suggestions

Following are my suggestions for tech blog themes.

1. Generatepress

Generatepress is a lightweight WordPress theme framework. It is very user-friendly in terms of customization.

It is under continuous development with huge community support.

It has both free and premium versions. But you can start with free and later decide if you really need the premium version.

Also, it has great support for free as well as premium versions.

I personally use Generatepress premium. In fact, this blog runs on Generatepress premium.

2. Studiopress

Studipress is also a great WordPress theme framework. It is not very user-friendly in terms of customizations. You need to have knowledge of little programming to customize them as per your needs.

There is no free version of Studiopress. It has good support from the developers.

I use Studiopress in one of my tech blogs.

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