Why Every Blogger Should Read More Than Writing

Every Blogger Should Read More

When I started my blogging journey, most of the people I followed in the blogosphere suggested more reading.

I did not get it because I was focused more on writing technical articles, mostly tutorials. There is nothing wrong with it.

But blogging is more than posting content.

You should tell a story with every blog you write. People like facts, numbers, and stories around the tech content.

Even when you share your post on social media platforms, if you write a small summary of the post in a storytelling way, there are more chances for a good post engagement.

Here is an example Linkedin post of mine that got more then 22000 views.

You might ask, what is the relation between a Linked post and reading books.

I never posted any update on Linkedin other than posting article links. But I read this book called “Show your work,” it gave me the confidence to share about things that I do to connect more with the community.

You are Reading an Experience

When you read a book, you will mostly be reading about the author’s experience or something the author has found out after a good amount of research. Basically, you are getting months and years of experience of someone in a 200 to 300 pages book.

For example, the 4-hour workweek is full of learning from Tim Ferris on working 4 hrs per week and automating & deligating most of the work smartly.

Helps You Write Better

I am terrible at writing. My focus was fully on tech tutorial, which doesn’t involve much creative writing. It’s mostly commands and code. So when it comes to writing a full theoretical blog, I really struggle.

So I have started reading books to get better at writing. I have a long way to go!

Some people have this natural ability to write awesome content.

But if you are someone like me, who is struggling to write good content and want to get better at writing, the only way is to read more.

The more your read, the better you write.

My Book Recommendations for Scared Bloggers

If you are a newbie blogger and you are scared to share your work or voice out your opinions and ideas on a social platform, you should read the following two books.

  1. Show your work
  2. Steal like an artist.

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