How to Get Content Ideas for Tech Blog

Content Ideas for Tech Blog

Whenever I talk to people about starting a blog, they give me the following answer.

❝ I don’t have content ideas.

Most of the content is already there on the internet.

In this blog, I will talk about the content idea problem most of the newbie and experienced bloggers have.

Let’s take a look at the two problems individually.

I Don’t Have Content Ideas

Do you know the biggest advantage of being a techie?

We knowingly and unknowingly learn a lot of stuff every day.

And yes, we learn most of them from the internet. However, there is nothing wrong with documenting them in your own way.

To get started with tech blogging, you should see yourself documenting your own learnings in a blog.

Once you start listing down the things you learned, you will have a huge list. You can list down all the topics and prioritize on the topic to write about.

For example, whenever I learn a new technology or a tool, I create a list document.

I keep adding the concepts, workflows that I learn every day to that list. Whenever I want to write a blog, I pick up a topic from the list and write about it. This way, I never run out of content ideas for my blog.

Also, in a blog post, I have explained how I plan and organize my blogging schedule.

Here is an example list I have created for a tool. I use a tool called Taskade for this purpose.

tech blog content ideas

Also, sometimes I get content ideas when I speak to my friends and colleagues. They would ask me some doubts, and I wrote an article explaining the issue and its resolution.

So there is no way to run out of content ideas for your blog if you think in the right way. Mostly it’s the excuses you give yourself not to write a blog

Most of the content is already there on the internet

When you search for “Python Tutorial” on Google, you get more than 299 million results.

How do you think google has these many results?

Because no matter what content is already there, people keep on adding content to the internet every day.

The quality of the content matters the most.

So there is no need to think that the content is already on the internet. Just think about what information you can add to a blog that adds value to the readers.

Here is the funny part!

Some of the tutorial blog posts that I have written are on Google’s first page beating the official documentation of the tools I wrote about.

Now, probably you are getting what I am talking about.


My suggestion for new bloggers is to start with a list of 10 topics that you have already learned or you want to learn.

Prioritize the list and pick one topic at a time without thinking too much.

Also, keep adding topics to your list.

If you do this, you will never run out of content ideas!

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