Like most of the  bloggers, I started my blog on blogger. I started my first blog ( when I was doing my masters. I was so intrigued by the concept of cloud computing and I started documenting the things I learn. Later it turned into a blog for cloud computing tutorial.

Blogger to WordPress Transition

Blogger is a great platform to get started with blogging as you don’t have to pay for the hosting, except for the domain name if you prefer a custom one. So I had to pay only for the domain name, that is $10/yr. Also, it can scale to any traffic, even if your blog post hits the Reddit front page. The main reason behind that is Google vast server infrastructure and its technology. The more traffic you get in your blogger blogs the more money google earns through AdSense ads (if you are using one).

Having said all the great things about blogger, at some point I had to think about moving it to some other platform. Following are the main challenges I faced when using blogger.

  1. I could customise the theme only to a certain level.
  2. Less managed option options.
  3. SEO plugin.
  4. Managed users.

And the list goes on and on. Right from the day one of my blogging I came across various blogs recommending self-hosted WordPress as the best blogging platform. So I started doing a research on a well-managed blogging platforms. And again WordPress was the best choice as I could move all my blog posts without much hassle and breaking the links which are already indexed on google.

Next question raised in my mind was about the hosting. There is an ocean of blog posts explaining different web hosts as the best. Most of them recommended Bluehost. But I did not want to spend more than $100 at that time that too for hosting a single website. So I found Dreamhost (The one that hosts ) to be the best option as I had to pay only $20/yr for shared multi-website hosting plan. I was a great limited time offer. Now I am hosting more than three websites on that $20 plan. The website performance is not so great but it is good for low traffic websites.

Later I started which I am hosting it on, which is pretty good. Great support and good uptime. To be short, I never faced any issues with Bluehost web hosting.

I am very much liking the WordPress platform as it is highly customizable. It has N number of free plugins that helps you with whatever you want on your website. To name a few best plugins that I use,

  1. Yoast for SEO
  2. Jetpack for website stats (default plugin)
  3. Akismet for blocking spam (default plugin)
  4. Sumome for social sharing and analysis.
  5. Thrive leads for lead generation.

Also, I have tried Jekyll blogging platform for this website ( Again I faced with customization problems so I moved it to WordPress.

So if you want to start a blog I would highly recommend you to start with self-hosted WordPress blog. And if you can spend around $100 you can go for Bluehost hosting, which gives a three-year subscription using the offer.

This suggestion is only for personal/tech blogs which can afford a downtime. If you need any help in migrating your blog to WordPress, please do contact me via